If you own a pair of glasses, then you must have spent money on them. But do you know how to fix your glasses? Have you ever fixed a broken eyeglass frame yourself? There are several ways to repair eyeglasses. Here we only discuss 2 Ways to repair your glasses from home.

2 Ways to repair your glasses from home

2 Ways to repair your glasses from home

Using Glue and Paper

Using glue and paper is the most common method of fixing eyeglasses. Not only it is easier, but it also has become quite popular as more people try customizing their glasses. Ray-Ban Replacement Arms merely require a few minutes to assemble and cost less than $10.

The first thing you need to do (for a pair of thick frames) sticks the broken noses down on a piece(strip) off masking tape or any other scrap paper along with an unused contact lens case that fits inside your old frame or use something similar. Then spread the glue on one side of the nose piece. After that, place another small strip over it (on the other side) and with hot water from the heat gun, melt this to stick both sides together. You will receive a double sided glasses frame!

No need for any special tools or materials, super simple solution to save money by not spending cash if you’ve bought your frames already broken. Quick fix + depends mostly on the might of glue + has better chances to survive if glued over time with natural hand wear and tear compared to other methods. The Ray-Ban Replacement Lenses fit directly inside tempered acrylic frames, saving you the hassle of having to buy new glasses.

The process is quite lengthy (it takes more than half an hour on average). Who said eyeglasses are easy to fix? Where can you find a heat gun that’s really handy? Prepare 2-3 sets of solutions for this, in case one gets destroyed before being used. This method is not suitable for more unusual openings. It’s doesn’t look good if your frames are broken on the inside (although it might get overstated) because you’ll be able to see both sides!

With Heat and a Pin

Using heat is a very old trick and quite a tricky one. This method will require vice grips as well, so always have some around! Even though it might be easy enough to fix your glasses using just glue (as you type this), this process is more challenging than eyeglasses repair with traditional methods can ever be.

First thing – find something somehow similar which was pressed against the frame on the inside, another instance that would fit well in your frame. Make sure that the pointed end is facing upwards! The easiest way to find something like this would be taking any vinyl dobradź and pressing it against the inside at one point, but if you don’t have those (durum just helps). Then,

Turn your eyeglasses or some other glasses upside down, pull away from both parts of loose ear wires with tweezers on either side and remove them.

Cut a cd case and fold it in half, with all of the labels/punctuation marks facing up (or as you think they will face, depending on your frame). Folded correctly, this should be enough to fit into your side pieces!

Remove both ear wires from their bridge’s nade (“holes”), completely separate them peeled slightly off the edge using tweezers (if your frames are not genuine, you can use a hammer to do it) and attach the folded cd case on one of its sides. Now, only two ear wires should stick out from your frame, while other pieces will be encapsulated by this fold! Push both sides together with tight-fitting forceps or fingers until you get a nice grasping grip (wear some gloves!). This will press inward, making an indentation for the glasses edge behind where the crease is holding these parts.

As our technology becomes more advanced, we are able to repair most of the electronic devices that we use. If you have broken glasses, it’s a good idea to know how to fix them yourself. It’s simple and easy to do, so don’t worry if you don’t have the right tools or experience.