If you run a grocery store, it’s important to keep your store up to date and looking nice. Customers likely want to buy food and other products in a location that makes them feel good and puts them at ease. A good customer experience is as important as good selection and prices in attracting and keeping a customer base. If you’re interested in making changes, here are a few places to start.

1. Convenience

One of the best ways to make sure customers come back to your store is to make sure they have an easy, comfortable, convenient time in your store. Try walking through the store like a customer would to see what you notice. If, for instance, you have carts with sticky, squeaky or broken wheels, replace the casters on those carts. Customers will likely spend almost their entire trip to your store with a cart, so improving your carts is a good idea to make them happy. You can also improve technology at checkout or make signage more clear and legible to help customers out.

2. Appearance

The way your store looks is likely one of the first things someone will judge when deciding whether to shop there or not. A fresh coat of paint on the inside or outside can go a long way in making sure people want to shop at your store. Make sure all of your signs are well lit, and consider repairs to any sidewalk cracks or chips outside your store.

3. Layout

It’s easy to change the appearance of your layout without ever actually changing the real location of products. Larger, more open shelves and storage racks show off products in more appealing ways and upgrading your aisles can make your store feel like a whole new place. It’s good to keep fresh, different products on your end cap and mid-aisle displays as well to provide a consistent feeling of newness in the store. If you do decide to make bigger layout updates, start with a map and assess current foot traffic patterns to inform how you make changes.

Don’t stop at just stocking good food or offering good prices: creating an enjoyable customer experience can be a key to retaining patrons as regulars. Small, easy changes can put customers at ease and make them feel like they’re home every time they come in. Invest time in updates now to pay dividends later.