The first day of University is never forgotten, whether it is Engineering or not. All of us will remember that total confusion from freshmen, totally lost to the new world that was opening before us. To comply with these horrible sensations, it seems good and right to throw some small standard of survival for the first months, to leave time to settle!

University is not only studio

Many certainly will have already made a good laugh just reading the title, but I swear that it is not nonsense. The study is very important and it is your aim in any case, better to specify it. But, well there is a “but”, the University is not only to follow courses, it is also to live it! Look around you, know as many people as possible and, above all, form study groups! (Studying in company is much better than studying alone, in most cases). Survival is in friends! One of the major regrets of those already graduates is precisely that of not having lived fully university life, so listen to the advice of those who have already passed!

Engineering Freshmen
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Teachers! = Monsters

They are there for us students, they are there to help you and facilitate your study. Do not be afraid to approach them, even if you are out of receipt! Although it may sound incredible, they are human beings just like us – with the only difference that they are on the other side of the desk and that they can reject you with one imperious hand gesture – and they can feel feelings! Always show yourself interested in the lessons, ask questions! In this way the teachers will certainly remember you during the exams (obviously in a positive way). Of course, unfortunately, there are teachers and teachers … for those who have the same availability of Lex Luthor to buy the Shampoo, try to rely on old experiences of former students in case of any doubts.


A source of salvation (and survival) for several students: as soon as you can, inquire about the scholarships made available by the faculty or other institutions. By now, unfortunately, it is no longer the high school where the information “brought them home”: you have to go in person to get them. All useful information is available in the secretariat, at the ADISU, the institution for the right to study, although it is always worthwhile, since it is now all digitalized, take a detailed look at the website of your faculty.