A slot machine is a game of chance. The results of the spins are random and independent of each other. Because of this, many players think that there is no way you can improve your odds. The thing is, it is possible to do it, and experts believe this.

You see, slots are made differently. Even if they have the same mechanics, the number of symbols, the number of paylines and their arrangement, all have an impact on how the game is eventually going to yield wins.

Today, we will walk you through some of the best tips of experienced players about slot machines. Whether you are playing classic slot machine games or modern ones, apply these tips to improve your winning odds.

Choose Slots with Fewer Symbols

If you flip a coin, only one side is going to show up because it only has two sides. Your odds of winning are 50%-50%. Out of three options with one choice, the odds go lower, and now it is 33.33%.

Slots work this way. The more symbols there are, the lesser odds you have. And you have to factor in the number of paylines. The likelihood of dropping the same icons on these lines diminishes as more symbols are involved.

The key to win is to choose the games that have fewer symbols than your average slot. An average slot machine has four high-value and four low-value symbols, a wild and a scatter, for a total of ten. Choose those with less than 10 symbols. You can find slots whose wild and scatter are the same or those that have only six high-value symbols and no low-value ones.

Choose Random Jackpots, Not Progressive

Progressive jackpots take a chunk of every bet that you make. That bet is placed in the jackpot pool, making it grow bigger and bigger until someone lucky enough wins it.

Progressive jackpot slot machines are interlinked, which means that several players can be playing the same game at any given time, and all of them are contributing to the pot. A random jackpot, however, is fixed. The machine is independent, not linked with other slots.

Many would probably say that it does not matter because all the spins are random, anyway. The thing is, progressive jackpots have to pay less, with players losing more, to be able to reach the mega jackpots. It has to be set that way, or the progressive pot will not rise to high levels.  And if the progressive jackpot does not reach mega levels, no one is going to play it. What this means is that these progressive machines have to be programmed in a way where the likelihood of payout is lower.

It is not the programming per se, but it has something to do with the number of paylines and the number of symbols present in the reels. Random jackpot slots have lesser symbols and more paylines, but progressive ones are created in a way that landing a winning combo is much more difficult.

Choose 243-Payline Slots

A slot machine with only ten paylines out you in a tough spot. Your chances of landing three same symbols on these specific areas on the grid are slim.

With 243-paylines, the only thing that it takes to win is to land three same symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the first reel. There is no reason to believe that the payout is smaller with 243-paylines. Many of such slots even have jackpots, free spins and wilds that can augment your winning odds.

Choose Slots with Free Spins

Slot machines that have no free spins do not give you a lot of opportunity to recoup your losses. Choose a game that offers free spins by landing three scatter symbols. Do not play those games that offer free spins any other way.

You see, some slots offer free spins only if you fill up a meter, which can only happen if you land consecutive wins in only one spin, called avalanche. You are better off with a scatter, as landing three of them anywhere on the grid is easier.


Winning in a slot machine has no guarantee. It is true that it is a game of chance, but you can choose those games that were designed to yield better results or those whose odds are higher than of the typical slots.

As games of chance, all the results are random. However, as demonstrated with our coin example earlier, your chances of winning get higher if less symbols are involved.  Do not be lured by high progressive jackpots. Instead, think about the likelihood of winning and be content with small payouts that can happen more often than big payouts that are impossible to collect.