The engineering student experiences moments of difficulty and sadness when he realizes that he can not see his friends or go out with his partner. Despite studying engineering and being on exams, you can be happy. How?

1. Organize you

Quiet, there is a way not to be FOREVER ALONE, and it is the organization. Studying after hours, not going to class and leaving everything to the last moment will be the causes that will make you say “I have no time for friends since studying engineering.” So, get organized so you can have some free time for yourself. The key is to study a little each day. With this, we do not mean that you have to sacrifice all the parties, but at least a couple of hours a day you leave them to study. The rest you can do whatever you want.

smart student

2. Go beyond

Engineering gives you the possibility to go further. Do not consider things by heart or exercise like crazy. Ask yourself a question, what you are studying where you can apply it? Doing so will give you more satisfaction, get into the test.

3. Study what you like

Research to improve rather than out of obligation. Do not do what your parents want but what you want, because you spend all your life working on it.

4. relate

Find a group of friends in your faculty. You will have many things in common to talk about; you will make the same hours, and you will have the same problems, you will be able to discuss and confront them, and you will be able to study together. They may be the perfect study group for you.