If you love to work on mechanical items, there are more opportunities for you than the auto shop down the street. While auto mechanics are necessary for fixing cars and rebuilding components, there are other areas in your town that may need help as well. If you want to specialize in a different area of mechanics, here are four interesting areas of work you can check out.

Unique Environments

1. Airport

Aircraft mechanics are the ones who use aircraft hardware kits to repair and rebuild the equipment required for planes and helicopters to get off the ground. Special certifications are available through the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure each person has the proper training needed to work in such a specialized field.

2. Boatyard

Marine mechanics specialize in fixing up watercraft. On a boatyard, a mechanic can be responsible for repairing the large ships that transport items around the world. They’re able to fix sails and rigging but can also repair systems that help with navigation and sanitation. Motors and engines can be rebuilt back to working conditions, which can save a lot of money.

3. Construction Site

The heavy machinery you see being used on a construction site can break down, which means mechanics are required to keep them moving. These mechanics may need to travel around to the different sites and need to know how to read blueprints and operation manuals.

4. Race Track

For mechanics who crave an intense, fast-paced environment, the race track is the place to be. Specialized training is required for mechanics who need to complete pit stops, repair unique engines and create upgrades. This type of job involves team effort and speed.

Explore the various careers available to you if you have a mind that can problem solve and the skills to put things back together.