It is easy to think that for an engineering student, who has to devote endless hours of study, sleepless nights, missing meetings and parties, having a complicated and timeless love life is enough reasons to be unhappy, but that is not the case. All true, so if you think you are unhappy in this race here go 5 Tips to be happy as an engineering student and get your career at the same time.

  1. Organization.

It is typical to think that an engineering student does not have a social life, and although it is true that you do not have the same time as before to dedicate to expanding your group of friends as you did in high school, it is all about organizing your time.

If, as simple as that, the most recurrent problem that opens the door to this type of comment “This career does not let me live,” “I cannot leave” is simply that the person does not know how to organize. Study at after hours, miss classes and leave everything for the last moment.

We know that is typical the saying “I studied every day, blah blah blah, takes the matter up, ” which ignore fervently left and right when we are encouraged, but not without infinite reason, the trouble is that as a student We learn this very late.


It is typical of the first semesters to go to every party in college, go out to drink, spend all day at a fair, looking for chic @ s, and it is something normal and above all VERY NECESSARY, but like everything, it has to have a Balance, enjoying college is one of the things that I never regret even though it cost me some semester. Enjoying makes you happy.

My advice as a student, do not make the same mistakes that I studied a little (30 minutes to 45 minutes per subject you’ve seen that day) every day, so save a lot of time and have fresh stuff and understand all kinds. Carries an agenda (today all smartphones have one) or use applications like Evernote and publishes all your assignments there making it a habit. Attend classes; it is a lie that you will understand just as well that if you do not go to the teacher, something is there and for something you are investing time and sometimes money to see classes.

  1. Look for applications to what they teach you.

Do you know it’s annoying? To learn by rote all the methods for circuit resolution, all the commands to program in a language. Do you know its fun? Use that theory to control your room remotely, so you do not have to stop to turn off the lights when you are sleepy.

That’s the key, being able to make tangible that knowledge that teachers push your little virgin brain allows you to enjoy the race more, and it makes sense, as young people are practical and if something does not seem to give us the information we can use loathe.

That is something that I apply a lot to my students in the school, to ask what I teach them to do great projects, I even had a student who wanted to make a teaser pistol that the police use to immobilize someone (yes, believe A little delinquent hahaha) but they are fun apps and let you learn a lot.

  1. Be sure to study what you like:

If you are going to dedicate five years of your life, and the rest of your work activity at least make sure the career you like. There is no sense in studying something that you do not find attractive, and that is very typical of children who want to please their father who was a civil engineer, but you want to study letters. Pana, YOU ARE WHO DECIDES and what you study is going to be what you spend the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong with spending three semesters in a race, and then moving to another race that if you like, you are not behind, you are just ensuring your happiness in the long run.

Also, study to learn, not by obligation, you will save yourself many bad times.

  1. Have a good group of friends and at the same time be your study group:

It is highly demonstrated that people whose group of friends is both a good study group are successful and, moreover, they graduate smooth. Before we talked it is essential to have fun in the race, so find a group that you feel comfortable applies, but if this team leads to bad study habits, these j $% & $, literally. As I said before, you have a balance between the parties and the studio, and you will not have to worry.

  1. Try to have your partner study the same as you.

I know it sounds atrocious, even insensitive, but you will save yourself many bad times if your partner reviews the same as you or some similar career that allows you to be just as busy as you. Many people and more if they consider other types of jobs that have a simpler schedule and have to study on a smaller scale do not understand the cycle of education of an engineer, and this can hinder even the most stable couple.

Although it is not a fundamental requirement, and many couples (for example mine) understand the fact that one has to spend a weekend at home or 2 weeks without being seen to study, more couples do not Accept, that is why it is more comfortable to have a partner in your same faculty, besides that they can share time with the university and studying.

I hope this has helped them to be happier and enjoy their career.

Are you happy studying engineering? Respond below in the comments.