Used machines might be a good alternative to new machines. But what should you look for in used machines to make sure you are making the right decision?

Glomacht, machinery trading expert, will help you figure it out!

1. Visible Structure Check

The usual way to begin a visible inspection of a piece of equipment is to walk through it. Ask some questions that will help you clarify the current condition of the machine.

  • Does the integrity of the machine structure appear to be significantly damaged or broken?
  • Can you detect oil leaks on the hydraulic cylinders, engine cowling or under the machine?
  • What is the condition of the chassis or wheels?

2. Buy From an Established Dealership

The feeling you get when you throw money away is the worst. That’s why you should always do thorough research to find a dealer that will provide you with the best machines. Just go online, check websites carefully, talk to other people in your industry and find a reliable dealer to go to.

3. Hours Meter Check

The age of a used construction machine is important when you look at the machine’s logged hours of operation. The amount of time a machine has been used determines its reuse value. However, a heavy machine that is properly maintained every 500 hours will have a longer life and productivity.

4. Ask for the serial number (included on the plate).

Model and serial plates are essentially metal plates attached to products that require such plates for identification. These plates are used to identify products that are one of many, usually by model and serial numbers. An industrial equipment manufacturer provides each assembly with a serial number tag for internal tracking purposes. The serial numbers are unique to each assembly and must be legible even after final powder coating.

5. Ask for pictures and videos if you cannot schedule a visit

It is important to check what you are buying. Often the machines are in a distant location from where the buyer is located. If you can arrange a visit, that would be great. Otherwise, ask the seller for pictures and videos so you can see the machine in action.

At Glomacht, we are happy to help you review these 5 recommendations and also answer some other questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for further information.