If you are just starting out as a civil engineer, you are undoubtedly one of the most exciting but discouraging moments in your career. If you have difficulty and do not know where to start, here are some tips to help you take the first steps towards your career in the civil engineering world …

Do your research

Civil engineering is a broad discipline and for those who study or have just graduated, deciding on which area to specialize can be difficult. During the search it is important to use all the resources at your disposal. The various university services can be of real use. At this stage, the more possibilities you will have to discover the different fields of civil engineering, the better it will be.

Get experience

During the early stages of your career, the acquisition of experience will not only increase your CV, but will also help you get an overview of the different sectors of civil engineering. Looking for work experience or internship opportunities as a method to test the water, even some experience abroad could be of great help. The important thing to remember is that even if you find yourself gaining experience in a variety of industries, it will not be a waste of time. Trust us: you will never regret the time when you have learned something new, you will regret only when you have not had the chance to learn enough.

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Find a mentor

It can be a teacher, a contact from a social placement, a colleague or even a family member. Anyone, do not be afraid to ask questions about their experiences. Discover the pros and cons of the roles and disciplines in which they have worked. Any information will be of great value in creating an image of the areas that interest you. At this point it is worth confiding that two mentors are better than one! Also, do not be afraid to reach out through potential social media mentors in your areas of interest. Many will ignore your requests, but surely you will be able to find the right answers and then calm that a message does not cost you anything!

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Do not commit too soon to a specific discipline

While some professionals inevitably engage in a particular discipline from the beginning of their careers, in our experience those who actively pursue a series of projects to work on, have a greater chance of finding the area they love most.

Develop your skills and create a network of contacts

Although you are already working or finishing your studies, continue to inform you, for example by attending conferences and events. In addition to implementing your knowledge, you could meet some people who might be useful for your career. Remember, you should never stop learning.

Prepare your CV

Before you start sending your CV in bulk, take the time to make sure your CV is up to par. Do not be tempted to apply for positions as soon as you see them. It is really important to understand that first impressions count. Find out about your location and company and try to customize your CV. If you do not have luck, remember that after so many years of study and sacrifice, you managed to get a passport valid all over the world. Take advantage of your degree to look for job opportunities all over the world.