Conveyor systems come in all shapes and sizes, and businesses and operations all over the world depend on them to deliver, transport and even assemble essential goods and products to the waiting world – as supply and demand increases, so does the need for a reliable and well-maintained conveyor system.  But what are the best options for making sure that your conveyor stays in the best shape possible?

Inspect and Audit 

Regular conveyor system inspections are key – while many systems are automated and can be relied upon to carry out the tasks you expect of them without much manual oversight, it’s crucial that a regular audit be carried out on your equipment by an independent source – after all, if you are working regularly with the system, it is possible that you may not have spotted an irregularity in its operation.  It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

conveyor system maintain

Service Schedules 

Preventative maintenance is also crucial to keeping a healthy and efficient conveyor system ticking over.  Following your advised servicing schedule will enable you to keep your conveyor in as best condition as possible in the face of any potential problems it may incur further down the line.  It’s therefore also advisable to request assistance from independent engineers to regularly service your conveyors.

On-Site Technician 

One of the best preventative measures in conveyor maintenance is to hire a regular or on-site technician that can keep your conveyor fighting fit and at peak performance.  Not only will this ensure that you are ready for any eventuality, but it’ll even keep you ahead of your competition, and supplying to demand as efficiently as you possibly can.

Intelligent Repair 

Should something go wrong with your conveyor system – or any system for that matter – you may be tempted to locate the source of the problem and to purely replace the part that is causing the issue.  After all, this is often the more cost-effective solution that many people take – but the smarter option would be to analyse all related parts and to potentially replace anything that seems likely to cause further problems in the near future.  This, again, is a preventative measure and it could save you considerable money long-term.


Obsolescence of equipment is everyone’s nightmare – after all, there isn’t a day goes by without a new piece of equipment doing something more efficiently – and it may therefore be worth analysing the current market status of your conveyor system and related equipment.  If they are no longer supported, or if parts are no longer being produced for it, it may well be time to consider installing a new conveyor system in its entirety.

Keep Spares 

Everything mechanical, unfortunately, will either break or require servicing if it is in regular use.  It’s an inevitability.  Therefore, to save time, money and even panic in future, stock up on replaceable spare parts in the event that the worst does occur – and you won’t find yourself caught on the hop.