Hello everyone! Well, it seems that summer is slowly coming to an end, and the truth is that with this heat it has done, it is almost thankful that we talk a bit about engineering again.

To start the new course with enthusiasm, I will propose in this post, different online applications that can be very helpful for your studies, and even for your work.

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1) Matrix calculator

This application is the best there is when it comes to solving determinants, systems of equations, arrays of matrices etc. Obviously it is not an app that you should use before learning these subjects, because if not in the exam you already know the note that awaits you. However it is great to review calculations, or review doing any exercise that comes to mind.

What is another of the great attractions of this application? That solves everything step by step, so that if you have confused something, you can verify it yourself.

2) Symbolab

Another must for students of mathematics. Symbolab allows you to enter almost any equation and solve it. This includes representation of functions, fractions, inequations, etc.

As in the previous application, it provides all the intermediate steps as a teacher would explain. You will tell me that it is not cool!

I recommend the application for PC because tablet or mobile usually include a lot of advertising and limitations.

3) Mathematics resources

In this web you can find math exercises for all courses and levels to bore. It includes sections of math, problems of ingenuity, books … I have used it many times to explain a particular topic to different students and it has been great for me.

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4) Codecogs

This page, which is already at a higher level than the previous ones, has a lot of applications for Excel, programming, etc. For example, it allows you to program with Latex, putting you directly the equations, which can save you a lot of time.

5) Engineering toolbox

Web par excellence of engineering applications. From calculation of screws to explanations about different engineering codes. For my taste, they have gotten too much publicity, but it is still interesting to consult it when you have a “brown” that you do not know how to solve.

6) Duolingo

Maybe one of the best applications that exist to learn languages. And it is not that I say it, but there is a very large community that confirms it. Duolingo is proposing simple and enjoyable exercises every day so you never stop practicing languages. What are you interested in learning any? Then do not miss visiting these blog post.

7) Linguee

It is a different translator, which among other things searches for reliable translations that already exist on the internet. This way if you want to translate very technical words, it is quite useful, because it will not give you a dictionary solution, but another one that has already been used previously (and in some cases warns you of its reliability). Very cool!

Well, I hope you have found an interesting topic, and if you know any other application, let us know with a comment!