Engineering is all about designing, building, and solving problems. It takes a lot of mental work, which is why the skill set required is so particular. It’s an excellent career choice, though, especially for those who like a challenge. If you’re planning on becoming an engineer, here are eight essential skills you will need:

How to become an engineering manager

  1. Focus

All engineering projects require perfect focus. You will have to look at the little details and work out how to solve each problem – something you cannot do if you are easily distracted. If you can sit down and focus on one problem for hours, then you might make a great engineer.

  1. Mathematics

Many engineers use mathematics, which is why good math skills are so crucial. Plus, basic math skills are good in general for logic and reasoning. Don’t worry – there are ways to improve your math skills even after you have left school. If you’re looking to get good at math to improve your resume for an engineering role, look into doing an online math course.

  1. Communication

You might think engineering is all about focusing on a project or problem on your own, but that’s not the case. Most projects are completed by multiple engineers, as well as workers from other sectors. For this reason, you must have excellent communication skills. In particular, you should be able to relay complicated information in simpler terms. After all, not everyone you work with will have that niche engineering knowledge that you do.

  1. Problem-Solving

Engineering is all about problem-solving, which is why that skill is so essential. You must be able to look at a problem and figure out ways around it. As well as problem-solving, you should also be able to identify problems in a project so that you know what to address.

  1. Attention to Detail

Another essential skill for engineers is attention to detail. In many projects, you will be tasked with a single problem that you need to work through. Sometimes, the solution will be minute, and you’ll need to focus on the small details to solve it. A keen eye is key here.

  1. Team Work

As mentioned, a lot of your engineering projects will be done with others. As well as good communication skills, you must also be an excellent team member. That means listening to others, understanding each role, and having good interpersonal skills.

  1. Time Management

Many engineering projects will have a time limit. While you can’t always rush a project, you must manage your time appropriately so that you meet the client’s expectations. In this case, good time management skills are a must.

  1. Creativity

While engineering requires a lot of logic, creativity is also a must. You’ll have to think creatively when solving problems, and you’ll also have to do so when designing and building projects. If you have a healthy mixture of logic and creativity, engineering could be the perfect career for you.

Not everyone makes a great engineer. If you possess these eight skills, though, it could be your perfect career.