Currently, Latin America is developing a large infrastructure, which generates a great demand for professionals. The engineers with great experience and complementary studies are usually demanding and get big contracts, we share some tips that can help you to be a better engineer in this competition to boost your professional career …

1. Power Your Development

Having managerial skills is vital to enhance your professional development. To develop these skills, you can choose to study a graduate or related MBA that will provide employ ability and boost your development and professional growth.

2. Stay active and updated

Over time some techniques used in engineering fields have changed and an active engineer knows this. Building, energy, maintenance and construction have been modified, for example, by legislative and regulatory issues and by new innovations in the sector.

Because these changes in the environment occur more and more quickly and frequently, it is advisable to update continuously through courses to maintain and develop employ ability. Thanks to technology, these courses can be done online adapting to your schedules and activities.

better engineer

3. Use Social Networks

Being present in social networks (especially in the professional), will help you to have a presence in the sector.

Take advantage of the specialized groups that exist in social networks such as LinkedIn, interact and participate in debates that in addition to helping you to be aware of the relevant issues in your sector and keep you updated on topics of interest, can provide business opportunities and professional growth.

4. Strengthen your Networking

Growing your personal relationships, maintaining contact with former classmates, graduate students, co-workers, teachers and colleagues is essential to lead a fruitful career.

5. Choose to speak a third language

English is essential for an engineering professional, although every day it becomes more important to manage a third language at a professional level, apart from differentiating you will grow your commercial-managerial-global profile.

6. Learn

Keep an eye on market trends, subscribe to blogs and social media networks specializing in specialized in your sector, as well as being entertaining can be useful and keep you abreast of current market demands.

7. Build an international profile

The professional experience that you can accumulate abroad during the first years of your career can be a springboard to being a successful engineer. In a globalized world in which we live, successful engineers must have an international profile.

Therefore, an engineer with experience abroad will be a very profitable medium-term asset.

8. Reinvent

The environment and new technologies mean that every day we have more tools that help boost the career of an engineer. For this reason it is important to keep up and reinvent yourself both personally and professionally and to adopt the innovations that can make your career grow, differentiating you personally and professionally and also helping to add value to society.