If you travel frequently tickets safe and you’re used to noising, but when it’s your first time find the rather unpleasant experience. No wonder, today’s aircraft have been developed to be light and strong, not to be silent. But thanks to a development of researchers at North Carolina State University, soon could be reduced by up to 20 decibels the noise perceived by passengers.

The planes are noisy because they have constructed with a material that a honeycomb, ie, composed of small hexagonal cells, which allow the overall structure is resistant to yet flexible resembles. The problem is that through the cells much of the noise generated by the filter engine of the aircraft.

Air travel will not be so noisy
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That is why the science team researcher Yun Jing has developed a new metamaterial that help minimize the problem. It is a material made from latex, which is injected into the hexagonal cavities and block the transmission of noise into the passenger area.

What happens is that the metamaterial acts as a sound shield, bouncing sound waves towards the direction from which they came, so the noise of the engines not enters the cabin. Start I must say that this seems great, but first have to be tested, for the small detail is that the application of such materials the weight of the aircraft would increase by 6%. It may not seem much, but with that extra weight increases fuel consumption slightly.