Architectural design is defined as the discipline that aims to generate proposals and ideas to create and realize physical spaces framed within Luxury Architecture. The architectural design will finally be the building built with all the details, aesthetic images, structural systems, and all the other systems that make up the work. The Architectural design work stages must be appropriate, use technology in structural systems, seek efficiency and productivity, allow access to all social segments.

Architecture design work stages

Certain stages are involved in architectural design.

Site planning/analysis:

Before carrying out any physical work, professionals and experts must closely examine the project site and make initial decisions. This planning phase will help the experts communicate the parameters, tasks, objectives, and work necessary to successfully carry out the project. For large enterprise projects, the client will inform all professionals of their design and functionality wishes. How many rooms? What kind of materials? How many inmates? What kind of electrical work? Also, if the property is on historic territory, inspections and experts will need to approve the work to be submitted. Finally, a programming document will be produced which articulates the plans for the project.

Architecture Design

Schematic Developer Design:

This stage is what individuals most commonly think of when they envision Residential Architecture design. Here, experts prepare complex sketches of every aspect of the building’s floor plan and design. First, they are preliminary sketches, which develop into detailed floor plans, elevations, and always three-dimensional images of an almost real-life design. The customer must approve all phases as they are created, to ensure the effectiveness and success of the project.

Working drawings:

At the end of the last phase, the customer will approve the design of the designed building. The architect will devote a lot of attention to the design and implementation of the further details of the project. This phase always includes drawings, working drawings, which serve as contractual documentation of the project. The connection between design, materials, structure and systems of the final product will be married among all the professionals working on the project. With these comprehensive drawings, builders can easily begin pricing and construction permitting, before building construction.

The architectural design process:

Prior to the beginning of architectural design, some considerations must be considered. The situation of the land, dimensions, topographic characteristics, cardinal orientation, services (electricity, water, drainage, sight). After solving the previous aspects, the building nonsense is valued: built surface, the height of floors or floors, relationships between spaces, uses, etc. (this is the architectural program). Another element to consider is the budget available for construction. It is decisive for the architectural design.

The architectural design must satisfy the needs of habitable spaces for the human being, aesthetically and technologically. The architectural design presents techniques and solutions constructive for architectural projects. Some of the aspects taken into account for architectural design are creativity, organization, physical environment, functionality, construction, and financial viability.

Have you ever looked at a building in Manhattan and wondered, “How did anyone do it?” Chances are, you have! This is the power of incredible architecture. It is quite surreal to imagine the human race and the technological and innovative advances we are capable of working as a team. Buildings in large metropolitan areas often cause these feelings of awe and they are often the product of some of the best architectural design teams that have ever existed. Presumably, most people imagine the process of building a building as a well-planned and planned process. They would be right. The architectural design process needs to be broken down into stages for a seamless end product.