Gaming has become one of the biggest revenues turning technology industries in recent times due to the number of players that are now looking to get into the industry. However, there are some certain applications within the industry that every gamer should have that can enhance their gameplay or even their experience and below we look at some of the must haves.

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One of the industry leaders in the gaming scheme must be Steam but it is only exclusive to PC gamers. Steam is a piece of software that you won’t be able to live without if you own a PC as it gives gamers a secure, professional marketplace in which you can browse for any game in which you please to purchase. Due to the wide library in which they offer, you can search for free to play games, cheap alternative games or even the mainstream A-list titles that everyone is playing. The best thing about Steam is that you can see what you and your friends are playing and reviewing and is just a great community to be in and certainly an essential for all PC gamers.

One industry that has been able to benefit on the back of the gaming industry doing so well is the online casino world, especially here where they are offering some of the best casino sites that aren’t blocked by gamstop. They are offering one of the best varieties of gameplay on the market, as well as a host of enticing offers to enhance your gambling experience.

If you are looking for a platform in which you can stay connected with your gaming community then look no further than Discord. The best thing about Discord is that it offers a diversity of features compared to other community platforms, it allows for more organizations within a singular discord chat, and you can seamlessly transfer between your different discords to speak to your other friends in different forms. Not only that, but it is also open on multiple different platforms from mobile to desktop.

And finally, if you are a PC gamer, then ensuring that you have the cleanest PC set up to make sure that you can game to your optimum is essential so apps like CleanMyPC is vital for any gamer. Within a few clicks of owing this application, you can clean out the build-up of your PC and cleaning your PC of any files in which you don’t need and ensure that your PC is running to its best ability.