The architects of the future will have futuristic building techniques, which are beginning to take shape now. One of these techniques is newly developed 3D printing with sand, which is longer viable very small scale, but showing great potential for use in larger buildings.

The idea has been materialized through a project called Stone Spray . In summary , the idea is to use a 3D printer that uses a mixture of sand and adhesive binder, materials with which structures can be built solid. The best thing about this technique is that it allows complex and intricate shapes.

This idea of building sand is being developed by researchers at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and although it is not the first project that uses sand as raw material, if it is one that is more advanced. The moment is nothing more than a curiosity, since the size of the built structures is not important.

However, researchers hope to improve the technology to the point that is viable for everyday build structures such as bridges and housing uses. In particular it seems that such a project would be quite feasible in near the beaches where the sand is abundant material areas. for more tips.