If you are incredibly lucky and very talented you may well have been the one chosen student to receive a £3,000 scholarship in Irish-language and performing arts. The largest arts organisation, An tOireachtas, announced recently that they are offering just one prestigious place at the Maynooth University for someone to fulfil their dreams of studying there.

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This modern and innovative Irish-Language and performing arts course is the first one of its kind and the only Irish-medium course where you can obtain an M.A. This illustrious University offers its students the opportunity to study music, dance, song, creative writing, and theatre as well as many other subjects.  If you are fortunate enough to study at the University, make sure to take your mobile phone with you, purchased from Vodafone Maynooth so you can record important lecture dates and take photos of the area around the University. If you need to purchase a new phone, then check out websites like https://kingcommunications.ie/vodafone-stores-near-me/maynooth/ to make sure you get the best deals. With the Motto, “Truth, Strength, Courage” or “Veriati, Fir, Fer” and the Universities academic success it draws the most elite workforce to its five hundred strong staff of lecturers, teachers, and professors.

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There are an estimated 13,760 students, 9,900 Undergraduates, 1,800 Postgraduates, 360 Doctoral students and 1,700 others. There are two campuses at the University, the newer St Patrick’s College, and the older Southern Campus, directly across a main road from each other. An amazing opportunity for one very lucky, talented student.