Marble is the most popular type of flooring on the market. It is also a beautiful addition to any house, offering a sophisticated aesthetic reminiscent of a Roman villa or five star hotel.

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Style is another very popular reason for having a marble flooring. Marble floors are popular because they add elegance and sophistication to homes. Marble floors are great for bathrooms, hallways or kitchens. It is also why young couples prefer it to granite or other types of stone.

This raises the question, how can you maintain marble to look beautiful and brand new? You should treat marble with respect and care, but the majority of people will take care of it and not worry about maintenance as long as they care for it correctly. Visit a site such as for a stunning range of Marble Tiles.

Marble tiles are an ideal option for low maintenance glamour in a contemporary bathroom, for example. They look incredible, feel smooth and cool underfoot and act as a beautiful neutral base on which to further decorate and accessorise your room.

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Many people have suggested that marble is difficult to maintain and you should not clean it under running water. Marble is porous, and it will absorb liquids. This will result in a staining. When cleaning marble floors, you should avoid using abrasive materials such as polishes and polishing pads as they can permanently damage the natural stone.