Taking care of a sewer pipe can mean confronting a variety of problems, from large clogs to tree roots that have breached the pipe itself. And, as access to these important pipe systems is often a challenge, your engineer’s first step in diagnosing any issue will likely be a sewer pipe inspection.

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The reasons why a sewer camera inspection can be useful are also discussed which explains how, whilst signs of a burst interior plumbing pipe can be easily identified thanks to warning signs such as leaks or damp patches, it can be harder to know what is going on in a sewer pipe. This means that for those wondering if they have a problem with their drain lining in Oldbury or elsewhere, arranging for a sewer pipe inspection can be the surest way to find out once and for all.

What Is A Sewer Pipe Inspection?

Also commonly known as a video pipe inspection, a sewer pipe inspection sees a camera sent into the pipe itself. This camera is attached to a long and flexible cable so that the engineer can undertake a telescopic investigation of the sewer pipe and its lining. Images are transmitted back to a device in real time, along with the location and depth from the surface, ensuring that the engineer can successfully pinpoint exactly where any issue is to be found. In terms of finding potential problems with a drain lining Oldbury and other locations, it is a vastly more convenient approach than having the entire pipe area dug up for investigation.

What Problems Might Be Found?

Your sewer pipe inspection may reveal a variety of issues. As many older sewer pipes are typically constructed from clay or cast iron, they can be affected by the ingress of tree roots due to their porous nature. Meanwhile, if your pipe begins to sag (also known as being “bellied”), you could find that water begins to drain more slowly as waste matter collects in this area.

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Other issues commonly identified by a sewer pipe inspection include pipes that have already broken or collapsed, or simply shifted out of position, all of which can lead to significant drainage issues. And, of course, the camera will also be able to show if your plumbing problems are being caused by a blockage of built up grease, paper and other waste matter.