Keep liquids and food away from each other

Electricity and water don’t mix well. This is common sense. Liquids or breadcrumbs on laptop keyboards are also not a good combination.

Keep your laptop away from foods and drinks. If you plan to drink a beverage while working, keep the cup far enough from your computer so that, in the event of a spillage, liquid won’t end up on your laptop keyboard. It should be between 20-30 centimeters.

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Invest in Dedicated Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your laptop is essential. Pay special attention to your laptop’s keyboard, touchpad and display surface.

Here are a few small investments that you can make to keep your laptop clean. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop’s screen. Keep rubbing alcohol (75% concentration) on hand so that you can disinfect the keyboard or screen.

An air blaster is another important purchase (which comes in cans). Also, invest in a soft, small brush and cotton swabs. For Cheap Laptops, visit

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Increase battery lifespan

Over time, even the longest lasting laptop batteries can degrade. For increased battery life, it’s crucial to optimize your battery settings.

You should always keep your laptop connected as long as possible. Keep the power cord connected if you are working at your desk the majority of the time. Overcharging your laptop battery isn’t as bad as people think.

When you’re on the go, a full charge is perfect. If possible, do not let your battery run down to 0% before recharging. It has been proven that letting your battery reach 0% before charging can be harmful to its health.

Let Your Laptop Breathe

The components of your computer get warm when it is operating. Different laptops handle cooling in different ways. Innovative laptops have been designed to improve airflow.

Invest in a protective sleeve or bag

To prevent damage, it is essential to purchase a laptop carrier. There are many options to choose from.