The United Kingdom has seen a significant increase in solar power installations over the years. The growth of interest in solar power is influenced by various factors, including government policies, advancements in technology and decreasing costs for homeowners and business owners.

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Have advancements in technology helped?

Ongoing advancements in solar technology continue to enhance the overall performance and viability of solar panels. This makes it attractive to a wide audience.

Has the cost decreased for those who own property?

The cost of solar panels has decreased significantly, making solar power more economically viable for both homeowners and businesses. This reduction in cost has contributed to the soaring interest in solar power installations.

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Government initiatives have increased the desire to install

Various government initiatives and policies have played a crucial role in promoting solar power adoption. These initiatives vary across the UK’s local authority areas. According to the Government website  it is becoming easier for homeowners to have solar panels installed without costly planning delays.

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Is the interest the same in other countries?

Globally, there is a growing recognition of the need to move to using renewable energy sources. With the topic of climate change being in the news, homeowners and businesses are keen to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Solar power, being a clean and plentiful energy source, is likely to continue being a solution for years to come.