Your career as an engineer is imminent? The selection of the appropriate entry jobs as a junior engineer is not always easy, but it can be critical. We help you to get the right start. You should pay attention to these 10 points when choosing your engineering career entry …

Transparency: You will receive information from the employer about the type and course of the job / program as well as about your exact tasks. Already at the job posting you should be able to recognize whether a structured training is provided. This applies both to direct entry and to entry as an engineering trainee.

Period: A trainee program lasts 12 to 24 months or more. This will give you a comprehensive insight into the company. For a direct entry you should receive a permanent employment contract.

Structure: During a trainee program, you will go through several stations where you will get to know the various departments and occupational fields. In the case of a subject-specific entry, the procedure is predetermined and, depending on the company, partially or completely standardized. A general trainee program is more flexible and your individual strengths and goals are taken into account more.

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Training off the job: You regularly take part in trainings, seminars or workshops. The further education measures will be coordinated with you, so that you can further develop yourself professionally and personally.

Responsibility: You work on your own projects and receive responsible tasks directly at your engineering career start.

Supervision: You will be looked after by an experienced mentor who will help you with technical and organizational questions. He is your personal contact for problems and accompanies you throughout the entire program.

Feedback: You will receive feedback on your performance in regular talks. Goals and wishes on both sides are also discussed in this context.

Network: You get to know the corporate culture and have the opportunity to exchange ideas across departments with the employees. If you start directly with a management perspective, you also participate in professional networking events. As a result, you get in touch early with specialists and executives.

Perspective: When you start your engineering career, a long-term cooperation is fixed or at least promised in your employment contract. You will be prepared by the program for a target position as an engineer, where you will have your own area of responsibility and a correspondingly higher salary. In a leadership-oriented entry program, this position is defined from the beginning.

Fair compensation: Your salary in the engineering career depends on both the profession and the industry. In general, an engineer earns more than the average career starter at the start. In the salary statistics, we give you an overview of what you can expect as a career starter in engineering.