In recent years China has been talking about itself for a great many reasons ranging from technological progress to being one of the most polluting states on the planet, quality, the latter, of which the Chinese people are not proud.

Caused by traffic, by the heating systems of homes, by buildings and by the emissions of power plants, the pollution produced in some occasions has literally obscured the sky in different parts of the country with consequent repercussions are not only environmental, where with that word I mean everything that is not anthropomorphic, but also about many people who die prematurely from cardiovascular or respiratory problems.

largest air purifier

In 2013 the state undertook the “Chinese war against pollution”, which aims to reduce the victims of this long-standing problem, and until the authorities reduce traffic, huge air purifiers will work to purify the ari a. As evidenced by the South China Morning Post, China is very passionate about this technology enough to induce it to build the world’s tallest air purifier.

The tower, 100 meters high, was built in Xian and is being tested by researchers from the Institute of Earth Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Xian Smog Tower project was launched by the Academy in 2015 and construction was completed last year. The aim of the project was to find an effective, low cost and low environmental impact method to artificially remove pollutants from the atmosphere.

largest air purifier

Chief of research Cao Junji, claims that improvements in air quality have been observed in cities that are in an area of 10 square kilometers in recent months and the tower has managed to produce more than 10 million cubic meters of clean air a day from its start. Furthermore, according to the scientist, in the days when air pollution levels were severe, the tower was able to reduce smog to moderate levels. The operation is simple: the polluted air makes its way into the solar greenhouses at the base, which warms itself up to the tower and passes through filters to be purified.

As mentioned, China is not new to this type of technology so much so that there is a similar tower in Beijing and to verify the goodness of the project just make a small comparison of the new tower with the one already present. The smaller Pekingese tower cleans 720,000 cubic meters (25.4 million cubic feet) of air a day, 14 times less than the newly constructed Xian beast.

Obviously this technology is not the only one used in the Asian country, so much so that China is building wind, solar and nuclear power plants at a dizzying pace and is working with the United States and Europe to develop new technologies that will facilitate the transition to a low carbon world.