Construction is the most hazardous job I think. Construction can be hard, hot work. Though I’m sure most people enjoy it and love the exercise that the work gives them. Let’s look at why it’s so tough. We will also discuss getting worker’s compensation too. Information about worker’s compensation can be found at Claimwire. I find information is always useful and there are always new things to know even if it doesn’t always apply to you.
It’s Demanding

Construction is demanding. I’ve seen construction folks out there five days a week (sometimes six, if they work Saturdays) and they are there every day. You have to carry and use heavy machinery so construction is demanding.

It’s Dangerous

Okay so construction isn’t really dangerous, but it can be. Even if you are following all the rules for safety, listening to the job foreman who is in charge, things can still happen. Equipment or machines can fail and that can lead to injuries. Injuries can be the very serious, like falling into a hole and not being able to get out, or a very bad injury involving a tool. Then there are less serious injuries like a badly cut finger or a broken bone.

Construction is Most Hazardous Job

Not everyone can do it!

Let’s be honest. Not everyone is equipped for every job. Not everyone can work in the construction industry or any other industry. Not everyone can be number one either. It’s just a fact of life. Those that are qualified, trained and can do the job, get to do the job. There’s no way around it. Not everyone can operate a bulldozer, an excavator or a steam roller. That’s some heavy duty equipment and it takes skill to be able to operate safely. Worker’s Compensation?

You bet, if you have signed up for it. I think most employers will have signed up for it, especially in a high risk job like construction. Claimwire is very good resource for worker’s compensation and how to sign up for it, if your company doesn’t already have a plan in place. What does Worker’s Compensation not cover?

Now there are a few things worker’s compensation won’t cover, such as if you’re officially off the clock and you’re ‘engaging in non-work activities” then you’re not covered. It’s the same if you decide to partake in alcohol related activities and other things not related to working.

In conclusion

But otherwise though, Worker’s Compensation will help for any injury you might have on the job or traveling as part of your job.