In this post, I want to show a video about the construction of a suspension bridge, which with 270 meters in length is the longest bridge of this type in Switzerland. As a curiosity, I mention that in order to deploy the steel cables that support the structure they required a helicopter, plus mountaineering expert staff.

Altogether a total of 6 steel cables were required, each with a thickness of 36 millimeters. The surface on which you walk is wooden slats and are approximately 728 meters long. To protect the side mesh is placed, and all thanks to two huge supported anchors.

At each end of the bridge he was placed a pillar of concrete, fastened by anchors deep, composed of long reinforcing steel bars. In total all construction required 8 months of work, during which 28 workers were required. Access to the bridge is allowed from last spring.

It is worth mentioning that the bridge is 130 meters above the ground, which is quite respectable height. One would think that by the length would be a little unstable, but seeing the video looks very stable, especially since we see that several people of construction equipment while walking by the bridge , without major complications.