Each year mankind destroyed a large area of forests and jungles. This generates desertification, which in turn has a huge impact on climate change. The problem is when to reforest because everything indicates that we are inefficient so. Therefore, it requires a system that can reforest massively.

Here is where Lauren Fletcher and his idea of using the drone to reforest the world. His project involves the extraordinary figure of one billion trees per year, which certainly is an excellent number to fight the feeling of green areas. Best of all, it would be relatively inexpensive and does not require human labor to do so.

Drones to reforest the world

Fletcher, the former engineer of the NASA proposes using drones to launch a kind of cluster bombs on arid lands, which contain seeds in small capsules. This project has been called Seedbomb mission and could cover large areas with little investment since the drones are a fairly accessible technology.

The capsules contain pre-germinated seeds, ready to begin to develop. But as the terrain will be adverse, they will have a special gel that will serve as a culture medium, which will have the nutrients needed to begin development.

The idea was not inaccessible, but quite the opposite, and I definitely think that this is a project that would have much positive impact. I hope it goes beyond the idea, which does not remain on paper, and to do so soon.