The vehicles have greater technological burden every day for the convenience of users and to the concern of a few who have raised their voices to warn about the lack of vehicle safety in technology. This has been reflected more in the electric vehicles , whose control systems are purely digital.

One of these voices has given the alert isĀ  Nitesh Dhanjani a computer security expert who mentioned that the Tesla Model S has little security measures that can be harmed by people who want to misuse the data they could get. Are the engineers of Tesla are doing a bad job or because these problems?

Interior Tesla Model S

Interior Tesla Model S

No and no. If so engineers are surely trying digital systems of new vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, they would be very robust and high security . The problem comes from the times that are managed in projects with very tight deadlines for engineers to do their job. I have itclear, especially with Tesla.

Tesla is a car company that pleases me, everything that represents the electric mobility high performance, but the truth is that Elon Musk is just learning what it means to keep a car company. This has led many delays in deliveries to underestimate the time and resources required to make cars.

And I just watched a documentary showing the achievements and setbacks of Tesla, and one of the problems that I noticed is that much rush time for the engineering area , hence the first units of Tesla Model S have had some flaws, among which is the digital security .Should improve in this aspect the electric vehicles ? Of course.

And to show a button: Recently a team of Chinese experts from Zhejiang University managed to breach the digital security of the Tesla Model S in order to take control of certain functions of the vehicle . Thanks to this feat earned $ 10,000, then deliver this money Elon Musk who managed to access their system because it felt very confident in it.