Not long ago Tesla was surprised with the news that would release many of its patents, particularly those related to electric batteries of their vehicles. If that was welcome news now we have similar because Ford has decided to follow the same path, and just announced it will also release its patents for electric vehicles.

Now, it may seem a simple publicity move, but the truth is that this type of action goes far beyond. It is rare that big companies release their patents because in the end have invested heavily to develop its technologies. So what is the reason that is driving these automotive companies?

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Sure, a company of this size will not give away anything. What happens is that Ford, like Tesla, is pointing to the future. The electric vehicles will represent a very lucrative business in a few years, but to reach it we must first convince consumers that such vehicles can meet their expectations.

But if only one or two companies may have decent electric cars, then sales will take to take off. That is why large companies are lending a hand to the sector since its patents to other companies release can apply technological developments needed to present better electrical.

Today Ford has 600 patents in the field of electric vehicles, and may have other 1,000 patent applications pending. That if, unlike Tesla, which offered its patents completely free, it is mentioned that Ford charged a minimum amount for its investigations, although it is not known much will this amount.