Gadgets, whether we like to admit it or not, are a huge part of our lives now – from being able to play games on the move, to owning a machine that uses facial recognition to dispense medication, they are integral to the way we live. But are there some pieces of tech that we need more than others, kits that should be high on our priority list rather than a wishlist for the future?

Amazon Echo

It may look like a giant speaker, and on the most basic of levels it is, but what it does is a lot more impressive than merely playing music. While you can use it to bluetooth your favourite playlists, you can also use it to find recipes, browse the internet, even look at the latest weather updates; it is a multifaceted item that serves plenty of purposes. Your very own PA for when you need it most. If you find Siri and Google invaluable already, just imagine how much simpler it’ll be to utilise a similar system when at home – you can save on smartphone battery life, and leave your phone freed up of space for other applications that are needed when on the move.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Most of us have tablets or smartphones, but often we leave them to die a slow painful death, usually at the expense of value productivity, the reason being that we don’t want to buy something that only has one glorified use at best. If you’re job involves writing, you will find a tablet slightly more tedious to work with than a proper laptop, until now that is. Nowadays there are tablets that have highly sensitive and convenient keyboards that can be removed or attached depending on whether you want the laptop experience or not. What this means is you can go between work and play without the need for two different platforms. You can savour the immersive nature of sites like Betway, dubbed the luxury casino experience, or you can clip the keyboard on and power through those work emails. This type of technology could rival PCs and Macs long term, and even banish them to the archives for good.


Not every gadget needs to be all bells and whistles to be of use, for sometimes it is the most simplest of functions that we so desperately need. The iKettle may sound like a luxury rather than a necessary, but think about when you’re coming home from work and would like the kettle boiled and waiting, so you need only pour, or when you need that quick caffeinated pick up in the morning with ease. Having one of these just means there’s one less aspect of your life that is hassle, and that you’re able to be done from a mere tap of your smartphone. While you won’t be able to play a game from it or launch your favourite film, you will be able to sip a convenient and time efficient beverage, which doesn’t sound half bad.