Geotechnical engineers can determine much about the potential for the ground beneath your construction project to fail by conducting specialized tests. Geotechnical engineering testing and consultancy is a good investment for anyone planning to invest large amounts of money in extensive building projects, especially when little documentation exists about the ground composition and stability.

What are geotechnical engineering testing services?

Testing services by geotechnical engineering experts provide results in soil, rock and substrate composition, groundwater levels, and erosion potentials to offer groundwork recommendations for potential construction of many types of structures, roadways, and water, and utility systems. Testing is conducted both out in the field and a laboratory for accuracy. Soil resistivity testing is done to determine the strength of the area built on, or to ensure hillside stability and that earth barriers will prove effective.

How does testing help?

You do not want to spend millions of dollars on a building project to see it fail due to what could have been a simple stabilization fix. Testing helps determine the best spot to place a foundation, build retaining walls, and exposes other critical composition features that can affect your project.

Testing, Planning, and Consultation

Beyond the value that the in-depth testing provides, the geotechnical engineering expert can consult and act in an advisory capacity to assist the project management of your construction project. You can better plan for a smoother process in creating roads, bridges, airports, parking lots, high-rise structures, malls, water treatment plants, and any number of construction projects.

Early Problem Detection

It is better to invest in the services of geotechnical engineering testing before you begin construction than finding out later there are serious problems. Detecting issues early allow time to come up with sound solutions.

Forensic Testing and Expert Witness Testimony

Geotechnical engineering testing can offer insight into structural and geophysical failures that cause buildings, roads, and other constructs to fail. It is a profession that carries the weight of authority in offering solid expert witness testimony to determine the fault in construction failures.Call specialists in geotechnical engineering Seattle like Red Barn Engineering and find out more about affordable geotechnical engineering testing today!