A computer security firm warned of a Russian hacker access to hundreds of millions of accounts on services like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, among others.

Millions of users of major companies that provide e – mail service like Microsoft or Google were affected by the attack of a hacker who stole data from Hotmail and Gmail , respectively.

In addition, other million accounts Yahoo !, the popular Russian service Mail.ru, among other services from Germany and China also suffered this attack.

This discovery was made by the security firm Security Holden, who verified as a Russian hacker claimed to have access to hundreds of millions of email accounts of companies as well known as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo ! among others .


The hacker requesting payment for access to this information; however, he was convinced give access without payment, in return getting rave reviews on hacking forums.

According to our source , filtration includes 57 million accounts of Mail.ru, 40 million Yahoo! Mail accounts, 33 million Hotmail accounts, and finally, 24 million Gmail accounts.

No details on how agreed to these accounts are provided, due to the large number of them assume that is due to malware infection on a large scale ; another form of attack could be sending phishing or fraudulent e – mails to a large number of users and get their data through deception.

Some of the digital ways to reach a large number of users and potential victims are through the Black Hat SEO (web search engine positioning using forbidden techniques), the classic SPAM directed to emails indiscriminately and viral networks social .

Recall that recently we released as from The Pirate Bay users infected with malicious advertising . The same could happen for large scale infections not necessarily related to ransomware but data theft.