I do not know if the legislation of other countries provides for a regulation to the headlights of cars, because as far as I know, in Mexico there is nothing related. In case if there was something so absolutely nobody pays any attention. Each car headlights brings a taste of the owner or the owner’s carelessness, either.

That is why I avoid as far as possible driving at night, because another vehicle dazzles you is normal, whether you come from the front and if you do behind. And watch out, here I will not speak of the powerful headlights that truck drivers are loaded and that dazzle back (I have no idea to who in their right mind does something like that). But this could end soon.

Headlights that illuminate well and dazzle
Image Source: Google image

The company Audi is working on developing smart headlights, called Matrix LED, which essentially adapt the lighting to suit various situations. It is certainly headlights surprised by its capacities: the light beam can be modified to avoid dazzling other drivers, and can even adapt to the curves.

Audi is not the only company that is working on this technology, as Mercedes and BMW have similar technologies. This is certainly an indication that soon the smart headlights could be on the market, of course, first to luxury models, and as technology becomes cheaper down low and intermediate ranges.

What I find interesting about the technology of Audi is that not only prevents dazzle oncoming drivers, but also circulating on. For this the headlights generate a shaded area around the vehicle front, illuminating one side. So to see in the rearview mirror the driver will see the lights, but not directly.