Alberto Chueca is a chess player that has become a legend in the chess world. The best performances are International Master and FIDE Trainer. 2019 3rd position in the U 18 Individual Spanish Chess Championship, which took place in Linares, Jaen. Absolute Spanish Champion by autonomic selections (Spanish areas) in Chess. May 2011. Champion with the ARAGON chess team in the Spanish team championship, absolute selection category.

Today, he is the director and chess coach of the High Performance Chess Academy. This academy was created to provide high-level training to chess players who aspire to reach the game’s highest levels. In this article, we will review the background of the academy, the methods they use to achieve the best results, and some of the techniques they teach.

High Performance Chess Academy Alberto Chueca review

The Alberto Chueca High Performance Chess Academy is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive chess schools in the world. The Academy has a long history of success, with many alumni achieving top-level results in international tournaments.

There are over 30 chess players who have recorded international-level success. This academy has allowed several students to reach the top, such as Omya Vidyarthi, world champion and 3 times Pan American champion, and Vyom Vidyarthi, reaching International Masters.

The high-performance chess academy has a lot to offer. It offers 3 courses from beginner to advanced level. Students can choose from various classes, from basic to advanced levels. The students can join any classes they want, but the advanced classes are more competitive.

The background of the High Performance Chess Academy Alberto Chueca

The High Performance Chess Academy Alberto Chueca was founded by Spanish chess trainer Alberto Chueca. The Academy is a chess training organization that provides intensive training for chess players of all levels. Also, the academy’s main purpose is to provide high-level chess training to aspiring chess players. The academy offers several programs to its students, including individual training, team training, and tournaments.

The Chueca Method to master the chess game

The Chueca Method is a training method that divides the practice time into three parts. This style of chess helps develop speed, mental toughness, and strategic thinking.

After doing a 20-30 minute warmup, the mind is ready to think and concentrate on the game at hand. Also, it provides 30-40 minutes of theory instruction followed by 20-30 minutes of practice playing against the coach or other players. This program helps athletes to learn different concepts in each lesson and to improve their skills quickly.

The complete 90-minute course takes you through all the basics of the game, from strategy tips to proper moves.

In conclusion, there are some great chess training centers around the world. However, the quality of the coaching is a huge variable. Alberto Chueca is an excellent coach with a lot of experience. He works with some of the best chess players in the world. You can learn a lot from him.