Most likely you’ve ever gone on a lift. Have you gone fast or slow? To answer the question obviously you require a comparative parameter, which you indicate what is fast and what is slow. For this case must take into account data that will be the world’s fastest elevator.

Hitachi, a Japanese company, recently announced that it will build the world’s fastest elevator, able to climb 94 floors in just 43 seconds. This indicates 2.18 second floors. Two of these elevators will be installed in a skyscraper of 530 meters, the Guangzhou CTF Financial Center, which is currently under construction and expected to open in 2016.

Hitachi is developing the fastest elevator in the world

Perhaps the problem is not the lift reaches 72 kilometers per hour, take you to go from floor 1 to 95 in just 43 seconds, but the real challenge is to make it safe for passengers and convenient to use. For this Hitachi has developed a new magnetic synchronous motor, which reduces the weight but increases system power.

Other technologies include elevator this new model are: system that regulates atmospheric pressure to avoid the feeling of “blocked ears” and systems to reduce lateral vibration, which will improve the efficiency of the entire system. For more reviews visit