Annoyingly for beginners, there are loads of web hosts out there to choose from. But this is actually great news because it means that you can choose one that is just right for you and your business!

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There are so many things to consider, not least user experience, cost, reliability, security and support. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of any good web host:


Paying for web hosting usually means that you qualify for some level of support, the extent of this will be detailed in your contract. Depending on the company and package you go for, you could have engineers fixing your problem quickly, ensuring that you don’t lose any business. A premium service might offer more experienced technical staff who may be better equipped to deal with server or network issues in super fast time.

How can this help your business?

The question here is not ‘how can it help your business’, but actually ‘how can it save your business’. Good support is crucial to maintaining a good user experience for your customers.

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Each web host offers an uptime guarantee, which you can use in a comparison search when browsing companies. What would a few hours offline do to your business? What about a half day, full day or even longer?These are things to consider when choosing which company to sign up with.

How can this help your business?

As above, offering a reliable service is vital when trying to do business because even the shortest amount of downtime could cause you to lose custom or get negative feedback.


If having strong communication with your clients and customers through various channels is important to you, then you may wish to choose a company that offers a premium service allowing you to connect with your customers through newsletters, regular blog posts and allow automatic updates to social media sites.

How can this help your business?

Having enhanced features and flexibility (like those offered by web host Names can enable you to really make the most of every business opportunity instead of restricting you to a basic website and service.

It is so important to consider these factors when choosing your host, so be sure to do your research before committing to a comprehensive package.