As new phone technology is released to the market, people line up ready to buy the latest Apple iPhone. Apple iPhones are VERY pricey. It is because they cost a bundle of financial properties that not everyone can afford or wants to immediately purchase the newest phone tech. 

Androids can be very expensive too. The information given can help you with buying a refurbished phone whether you decide to buy an apple or android. 

One option for buying a phone is to wait until the product has been out long enough to where people return their phones under repair. There are two ways a phone can be repaired. 

There are two different types of refurbishments in the industry today. Both these types of refurbishments are different on the market. 

The first way a phone can be repaired is by a certified company. These companies are well known and established businesses that know what they are doing so it is less likely that you run into any issues with the product. If a phone is repaired by an established company and then put back onto the market it is a certified refurbished product. 

How to Buy A Refurbished Phone

The second way a phone can be repaired is by a third party business. These businesses are less established. There are a few companies that are third parties and are reputable but it is advised to do a background check on the business before you buy their refurbished phones. 

Basically, there is a certified refurbished which is by a certified company or business that has close ties with the manufacturer of the phone. Then there is a just a refurbish without the certification or establishments of business. 

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After you’ve figured a reliable source to buy your refurbished phone be sure of these things. 

1. If you’re buying the latest Apple iPhone, then you won’t have to worry about ios 11 not being available. If you are buying an iPhone 5 or below keep in mind that you will not be able to download the latest ios. 32-bit phones are out of date to today’s current tech. 

2. When buying your phone, make sure it is wiped and does not hold any of the previous owner’s info. Most companies will factory reset phones so this will not have to do it yourself. 

3. Look for any cosmetic damage that may affect the usability of the phone. You don’t want to buy a phone only to find out it has some sort of crack. 

4. Test the phones internal function, make sure everything runs smoothly. You don’t want a phone that doesn’t function well internal as far as it’s processor and firmware. 

5. Make sure your phone’s firmware and applications are up-to-date. This will prevent any hardware issues or application problems. 

These are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a refurbished phone to buy. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t want a specific carrier for your android or apple phone to buy an unlocked phone. An unlocked phone does not require you to use a specific phone service. You can buy the phone without worrying about which cell service you want to use. You can decide that later. 

With the upcoming cellular technologies, phones can be a very expensive investment. To save money one of the best ways to afford the newest phone is to buy it refurbished. 

There are many different companies that offer deals. Make sure you shop around a bit for the greatest deal and always know what the phone you are buying runs for in retail so that you know you are saving in cash. It is good to know what the difference is in price that way you can understand the decrease of value and make sure you are getting the best deal you can when buying a refurbished phone.