If you want to get Snom to evolve into Frosmoth, you are going to have to follow a series of very specific steps to make this happen. Luckily, here we explain everything you need to know.

Snom is another of the new Pokémon that have been included in this generation that has a different evolution system than usual, although, in this specific case, it is much less elaborate than that of creatures like Milcery or Farfetch’d. Below we detail everything you need to know for this icy Pokémon to evolve and adapt its final form.

How to evolve Snom

Where to catch Snom?

As usually happens in this type of case, the only way we will have to get hold of Frosmoth will be by evolving a Snom, so our first step will be to find this Pokémon and capture it. Luckily, it is a very common creature that you will find very easily in the first half of Route 10.

How to get Frosmoth?

To evolve Snom into Frosmoth we will have to follow two simple steps:

  1. Raise the level of friendship with our Snom up to 220: this is a value that they do not show us anywhere, so just dedicate yourself to having it in your team so that it levels up.
  2. Get him to go up a level during the night after having achieved the required happiness with him.

As you can see, for practical purposes it follows the same evolution method that Eevee must perform to evolve Umbreon. It is not something that will take us too long and if you train it at night you will end up achieving it almost without realizing it. A very interesting detail about this Pokémon is that it is the first of any generation to have a combination of Bug / Ice types, so it could become a very interesting asset for your competitive team.