Having headphones that are damaged or that perhaps have stopped sounding, on the one hand, is a nuisance when it comes to headphones that have cost us money. Before you think about throwing them away, however, you can turn to some of the solutions we offer in this step guide to know how to fix broken headphones.

In the case that they are cheap headphones or headphones. It may be easier to buy new ones, but even these. If they emit a good sound, it will be good that you check them well to fix them. Let’s see what we can do.

How to fix a broken earphone

Check the headphone connections correctlyHow to fix a broken earphone

First, make sure that the problem is with the headphones and perform the necessary checks by connecting a pair of working headphones to your audio device. Sometimes, in fact, the malfunction resides in the input of the audio headphones and not in the headphones themselves. Also, connect your headphones to a different audio input and check if they really are broken.

Check the cable for damage and repair itHow to fix a broken earphone

You should have a multimeter (which you can buy at a hardware store) to identify the correct path of the electrical signal within the cable. Only then will you be able to know immediately if it is necessary to replace the cable of your headphones or cut only the damaged section. For this operation, it is necessary to remove the outer covering of the cable. Cut the piece of damaged wire and then rejoin the ground wires and the other wires. Respecting the colors with precision: you can do it with a mini welding machine or simply by wrapping them together. Be careful not to let the cables touch each other differently – a very useful trick is to place pieces of paper between one connection and the other, to avoid contact and thus further damage the headphones.

Check if the headphone jack is bent or damaged

If your headphone jack is bent or damaged, you can replace it with a new one. Pay attention to the correct size of the “jack”, which is generally 3.5 mm.

Take a test to see if you have fixed your headphones

Well, after identifying and repairing the damage, you can connect your headphones to your usual audio source. And try to perform the appropriate listening and sound reproduction tests. The satisfaction of being able to fix malfunctioning headphones will make you feel really good. And now you can enjoy your good music in total relaxation!

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