With the thermal coat you can save up to 20% of the gas bill for heating.

Imagine putting a thermal coat on your flat to isolate it from the cold: how much could the gas bill decrease? According to technicians, the heating savings obtained by installing a thermal coat arrives up to 20%.

Why insulate an apartment by “installing” a thermal coat?

An apartment is roughly heated or heated mainly for outdoor temperature intervention, which is why the first walls to be insulated should be the perimeter of the building. Depending on the thickness of the thermal coat, it is possible to achieve better thermal insulation and therefore greater energy and economic savings.

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What is an external thermal coat?

The outer thermal coat consists of inserting an insulation layer on the outer walls of the housing. They are jobs that obviously are easier of villas and houses belonging to a single owner, while n and condominiums the risk is going to impact the appearance of the architectural facade.

thermal coat
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Incentives for installing thermal coats on the facades!

To stimulate these jobs in buildings, the law provides for the so-called Eco Bonus, which guarantees a deduction of up to 75%.

If it is not possible to proceed to the thermal insulation of the external facade, it will always be possible to intervene on the inner walls. The so-called inner thermal coat consists of insulating the walls of the apartment with insulating panels inside it. Usually there is no need to apply the panels to all four of the walls of the room, but only on the two at the most exposed angle to the cold.

A last tip to isolate the house from the cold is to replace the fixtures. Today there are models on the market that are as thick as a wall: their size and the quality of the materials prevents air strikes from entering and leaving the cold outside like a wall. Double glazing guarantees optimal protection even from colder temperatures. If these replacements can be provided, it is advisable to close the shutters to lower the light to better isolate the apartment at low temperatures of the night.