It’s winter time and that means snow, ice and possibly even some road closures. If you’re planning on driving in snowy or icy conditions, it’s a good idea to have your car equipped with snow chains. They provide extra traction and can help keep you from getting stuck. Putting snow chains on the car can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not that difficult. follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready to take on the winter roads.

Drive slowly and carefully

If you’re driving with snow chains, the best way to ensure your safety is to approach the task of putting them on slowly and carefully. The last thing you want is for ice and slippery snow to cause you to slip and fall when putting them on – it can be a difficult and time-consuming job as it is without having to worry about injury! Being extra cautious will also help you get the chains on securely and speed up time on the road since driving with snow chains can take extra time. So when driving with snow chains, focus on understanding their installation process, taking your time, and staying safe.

Park your car on a level surface

Parking your car on a level surface is essential for a variety of reasons, but especially when it comes to access the tires. If you need to check the tire pressure or attach snow chains for the car in slippery weather, it is important to make sure that the surface is level so that you can take care of those tasks with ease. For example, snow chains will not fit properly if there’s an incline that prevents them from fitting snugly around the tires. Keeping your vehicle parked on a level surface at all times could be one way to ensure that play time snow outings are stress-free and safe for everyone involved.

Place the chains around the tiree

Snowy, icy conditions can be treacherous for any driver. One of the best tools to help stay safe and prevent slipping and sliding your way around is snow chains for your car tires. Snow chains can add grip to slick surfaces, and can be a lifesaver in inclement weather. When it comes time to install snow chains on your car, make sure you start at the top when placing them around each tire. Work from the outside of the tire toward the center, making sure that all gaps are evenly distributed so that your snow chains fit securely around each tire without slipping. Being prepared for snow and icy roads is necessary for a safe driving experience!

Make sure that the chains are tight

Many drivers don’t realize how important it is to check their tire chains before taking off on a road trip or driving in icy or snowy conditions. Weekly, drivers should make sure that the chains are not just in place but tight because any looseness can cause the chains to spin and come off at an inopportune time. Not only could this be dangerous, but forgotten and lost chains can become a waste of money if you need to purchase new ones. Make sure to inspect your tire chains before each drive to avoid an emergency while behind the wheel!

Drive slowly until you get used to

If you’re out and about in the snow, it’s likely that you need to add a bit of extra traction to your vehicle. Installing snow chains are one way to do this, but they can take some getting used to. Before setting off on your journey, make sure you drive slowly as you become accustomed to how the car handles with the chains on. This may take a few minutes at first but will be well worth it for the added control and stability when driving over slick surfaces!