Regardless of how much you love that computer in your pocket, there comes a time when you will need an upgrade. Maybe your gadget is not performing to the expected levels, or you need to have some advanced programs that your current handset cannot offer. This is the best time to check on your bank balance and consider buying iPhone 5s 16GB with advanced programs for your current needs. However, you might be faced with the dilemma of what to do with your current mobile device. 

The Best Alternative

It is recommended that you don’t dump your old phone into the trash. Be an advocate of environmental protection by avoiding e-waste that can release harmful chemicals in the surrounding. The best alternative for you is to dispose of your electronic device through an official and recognized recycling program. At the recycling program, all the components will be professionally dealt with, and they will not damage the environment by releasing harmful chemicals that can interfere with soil microorganisms while at the same time proving dangerous to human beings. 

However, the best recycling program will mostly depend on your location. You can read on to get multiple options in the United Kingdom where you can officially dispose of your phone through the recommended procedure. 

Go to the Manufacturer

All the big phone manufacturers have official recycling programs of their own where you can take advantage and choose to dispose of your phone regardless of which city you live in. Apple’s recycling scheme gives you an opportunity to take an old iPhone 5s 16GB to an Apple Store, or you can even drop it in the mail. You will get a gift card that you can use to buy another Apple product if you are disposing of a new phone. 

For LG-branded phones, you can consider visiting the LG Recycling Program on their website where you will get directions on how to send them old phones for recycling. Sometimes they will provide you with a list of local collection points where you can drop your phone across the country. For Samsung, you can use the Mobile Take-Back Program where you send the mobile in an envelope for recycling. 

Consider Local Retail Outlets

Due to various reasons, you might not find it suitable to send your old phone back to the manufacturer. Some retail outlets such as Best Buy have an official recycling program where they will dispose of your phone ethically. You can visit any of the Best Buy branches where you will not only dispose of your phone, but you can dispose of other electronics as well.

Staples UK is another well-known retail outlet with a comprehensive and reliable recycling program. The retail outlet will help you to dispose of your phone quickly without leaving traces of harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. If your device is relatively new, there is a possibility that you will get some Staples credit which you can use to acquire other commodities in the outlet. You can choose to drop the phone in one of the outlets or mail it if you don’t have a local outlet in your area.

Recycling for Charity

Some of the programs highlighted above will give you some cash that you can spend to meet various needs. Instead of using that cash to benefit yourself, you can consider donating that obsolete device to people in need. The Recycling for Charities platform gives you an opportunity to select the charity you would want to donate the proceeds of your phone. Another alternative is the Phones4Charity organization which accepts either the mobile device or the proceeds of an old mobile that you have decided to dispose of.

Recycling your old mobile provides the best alternative to disposing of which could have devastating impacts on the surrounding. You should be environmentally conscious by reusing most of the electronic devices as they are known to emit radioactive materials that have lifetime effects on the health of people and animals. Meanwhile, you can choose to recycle your mobile through the state-owned recycling plants, which are located in major cities around the country.