Running a business can be stressful, but luckily there is so much technology to help make your job easier. Almost everyone has a smartphone now, most likely including yourself. Did you know you can run your business entirely from your smartphone? With a few simple tips, managing your business from the palm of your hand has never been easier.

Set Apart Your Devices

First and foremost, you will want to separate your work and personal phone. It’s not that you can’t do everything all on one device, it’s just that your business will become more difficult to organize and you risk the chance of running out of memory. Your personal phone might also be full of distractions that can easily take away from your overall focus and success. Your work phone will help ensure the security and safety of your documents and files.

Download Communication Apps

You may want to only receive calls during certain hours or keep a specific app open for after-hour chats. Avoid being bombarded with multiple lines of communication by organizing your points of contact with communication apps. There are specific apps tailored to email communication, auto responders and more. Your mobile device voice assistant can complete small tasks for you easily without you having to push a button. Save time and set up reminders or add events to your calendar without the hassle of manually typing in all the information.

Connect and Go

Now that your device is set up and working, you can link your business accounts and profiles to your new device. You’ve already eliminated further security threats by setting aside this phone for business use only. You might also want to look into setting up remote desktops to take your work out of the office.

Running your business from your phone is not only possible, but easier than ever with today’s smartphones and voice assisted technology. You are now ready to set up your business phone and take your work on the road.