Spy apps can be extremely useful tools. This is especially true if you have a child with a mobile phone. Spy apps can be used with any smartphone; however, using a spy app on an iPhone has traditionally been difficult, requiring some knowledge of the way an iPhone works.

Today, many spy apps can be used on iPhones that do not require the jailbreak of the phone and only a little technical knowledge. These apps make your role as a parent much easier and will help you keep your child safe online. Keep reading to learn more about your phone spy app.

Who Can Use Spy Apps to Track an iPhone?

As mentioned above, significant use of spy apps on an iPhone is by parents. By using a spy app on your child’s iPhone, you can check their online messages and activity. This significantly reduces the risk for them from predators or those with untoward intentions.

Parents are not the only people who can find spy apps useful, however. Many people in a relationship may be wondering if their partner is cheating on them. Using spy apps can put your mind at rest and prevent any further worry.

How to Find the Right iPhone Tracker Spy App

There are many tracker apps available on the Apple App Store. However, some are more technical to use than others. It is best to find a spy app specifically for iPhones, and that is quite simple to set up. Use an app that advertises that you do not have to use jailbreak on your iPhone.

Some spy apps require a monthly subscription payment to keep providing you with tracking data. Try to avoid these as much as possible. There are many good apps available that only cost a one-off purchase price.

Also, try to look for spy apps that have a freephone technical support number. This will save you a lot of time and money if you run into any set-up issues or problems. The team at the toll-free number will be able to guide you through the set-up process.

How to Set Up Data Transfer From iPhone

The most common way to set up a spy app on an iPhone is by having physical access to your child’s phone. You can download and install the spy app, and very quickly, the iPhone is sending the tracking data that you require either to your phone or to your computer.

You may also use the target phone’s Apple ID and password in the set-up procedure. This may depending on the app, allow you to set up the target iPhone to transfer data without having access to the phone at all. The data can be transferred and accessed remotely.


iPhones are just as readily accessible as Android phones if you need to gain access to data. You can continue your daily life with the knowledge that your child is safe online.