The Hyperloop Project, which has been mentioned in both the network over the last year, has recently stepped aside. If you know that going this idea, I must say that was such a commotion caused, which is already considered the fifth form of transport, along with the car, boat, train, and plane. But it is wrong.

Many, including myself, included, we show confidence Elon Musk, and revolutionary means of transportation. Not that this has failed, not yet, but so far has already shown that we are not ready for that. Why do I say this? It turns out that the project has become a kind of contest, with a term of one year.

Hyperloop takes a step sideways
Image Source: Google image

If the Hyperloop Competition has started recently, and proof of this is the official website of SpaceX, where you can find more information; in fact, there is a complete report with diagrams and calculations. This indicates that Elon Musk could not continue developing the idea, for whatever reason, and has preferred to rely on others.

Hyperloop raises capsules travel in vacuum tubes at speeds of 900 to 1,200 kilometers per hour. To win the contest you have to build a trail a mile long, with their respective caps, all to scale, so they can be tested in June 2016. And in my opinion, is very little time for someone to make it.