There are many reasons why you should back up and store your work on a daily basis. By using cloud-based backup software you’ll be able to transfer and save data to a secure server that is separate from where your computer currently resides. This is beneficial because if disaster strikes, your computer crashes, a an act of nature destroys your workplace, you’ll still have all your data. All you’ll need is another computer, and you’re back in business.

There are several different types of cloud based file storage solutions back up or both. It depends entirely on your needs when choosing your software. Some people simply want an easy way to store files, some may want to store the files, share the files, and work collaboratively with their team, yet others need to back up and store operating systems, programs and more. Write down a list of your needs to ensure that you know what features you desire most. In addition, know what your budget is before you get started. If you do this, you’ll realize the benefits of storage and backup fast.

The benefits of storage and backup solutions are:

Access Your Data Anywhere — Even if you’re on vacation, as long as you have an Internet connection and a device that allows access, you can get to your data. We’d all like to think this never happens, but it does. Plus, if you can access data and files from a distance you’re no longer stuck hiring people who can come into an office. The entire world opens up to you.


Collaborate With Your Team Easier — As mentioned above, with storage and back up in the cloud you’ll be able to work with people no matter where they are located. This means your team as well. They can be on the road, and still be able to access data and work on files. What can be better than this?

Enjoy Better Security For Your Data — Many people erroneously assume that the security they provide in the workplace is better than the security for cloud based applications. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this case it is important to ask your provider about security but in general providers work hard to harden security to make your data safe and secure. Whereas data stored on your

Lower Your IT Costs — If you store your data in the cloud, you’ll likely start seeing the value of other cloud based applications. This transformation will save your small business on IT costs, by eliminating the need to have specialized IT people on staff or having software created especially for you. Instead you can access a cloud based program and get enterprise level software and service at a fraction of the cost.

Recover Faster From Disasters — Whether you have a computer crash, a weather event, a fire, or other disaster the result is often the same. Total Disaster. If you want to avoid total disaster then having a backup and storage system in the cloud will save you. You’ll only need to get a new computer, restore the data, and you’re back in business. Do ensure that you have a restore plan in addition to your backup plan.