You get an Industrial Engineer, because you are born and you do it. I think we have a very important vocational component, because it is a career for people who have been born with the concern of knowledge and enjoyment in the application of it.

Formed in intense academic programs, diverse and very well balanced between the theoretical component of training and training of the mind in the first courses, as in the practical component of application of knowledge later, knowing in depth the why of things, what it gives us security in the action, which excites us, with which each challenge, each new objective, is a creative application of science, which we develop with a high ethical and aesthetic component, of which are engineering works, so many times true works of art, is our personal fulfillment.

It has always been a demanding race for the student, of the hard calls, because it really requires being made of certain wood to identify and enjoy the required dedication, without hesitation.

I encourage you to the Collegiate, whether the activity is autonomous or for others, is the ideal way to join the exercise of the profession, with which you never feel loneliness, it is more, it makes you feel part of a big thing.

Industrial Engineering
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From the first years of teaching, I invite you to get to know the Professional College, which in the case of the Illustrious Official Association of Industrial Engineers and Association of the Region of Murcia, is the sure bet, for its mission and objectives, for its social commitment. With a history of continuous work and very efficient management, it has generated resources and capacity to offer personalized attention and quality, either in terms of postgraduate training, or in professional practice through its job bank, relationship with various Business Associations , etc., with recognition, from the welcome, by the contribution and consideration of own opinions.

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In our training, a number of resources have been spent, not a few. On the one hand, our time, and on the other, enough money, as a public resource and effort of our parents, and an environmental resource.

Being very generous in the effort for the analysis and avoiding negative impacts derived from them, and for the repair of the damages already caused. I like to remember the letter that already in 1855, the Indian Chief Seattle sent to the President of the United States, Franklin Pierce.

We feel we are vectors of commitment and sustainable social well-being, we have to be, and demonstrate it every day. We move into decision centers, aware that we have a lot of power, also to destroy, as well as to build. Centers in which many interests are weighed. We are always faithful to our knowledge, without false justifications, as peregrine as that, there is no absolute truth, because someone could tell us, … well, you can see, certainly not, but if there is an absolute truth, you were there, in class for 6 years, 7 years, consuming resources and now has a responsibility … We do not disappoint, because we are Industrial Engineers, privileged people yes, but hardworking, hardworking too. It has been hard for us to get here and we have consumed many resources, I already said it, but we have taken advantage of them.

In a more personal appreciation of the commitment to colleagues, we must keep in mind that we act individually but we are judged globally, especially if it is some unfortunate action. It costs a lot to prestige, but to discredit … hardly anything, and we constantly face these judgments, because of course that as indifferent, what is said, we do not pass.