Over the past couple of decades, the entire world has been transformed into a digital paradise where everything has been digitalised due to the rapid rise of technology during this period. Due to this, most industries in the world have been impacted by this, and mainly in a positive way so we thought we’d look today at some of the industries that have been impacted in a beneficial way to improve the way that they work.

[Image: IndustryWeek]

One industry that has been totally transformed using technology has been through the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is an industry where products are made on a production line and so the productivity of this production line is vital for the profits of the business – the more products that can be made per minute, the more money can be made. Technology has been able to produce more products in comparison to a human and so since the introduction of technology to the world, manufacturing has been able to benefit from this and produce more on their production lines in comparison to pre-technology days.

Moreover, the gambling world has also been able to become the powerhouse that it is today due to technology as players are now able to access their favourite forms of gambling due to the online presence. Gone are the days of visiting a land-based casino as you can now use online alternatives, like these for example, to play wherever and whenever you like.

Another industry that has been able to benefit from the rapid rise of technology has been that of the gaming world. Gaming has only been around for a couple of decades but has seen one of the most impressive rises due to the way that technology has evolved. Gone are the days of having to visit an arcade to be able to game, as we all now have access to smartphones in which we can download games within seconds and play online with our friends for a very small cost.

Furthermore, the medical industry has also been able to benefit from the rise of technology as research is now more widely available due to technology and therefore diseases and viruses have been able to be cured quicker due to how impressive technology has become. The best thing about this is that beforehand when we didn’t have technology, many people have passed away, but now the idea of technology in the medical world will have saves thousands of lives.