Teaching Spanish online is an option to consider if you want to work remotely online. The demand for online Spanish teachers grows every day, if you take a Spanish course like this, you can teach online from anywhere in the world, either traveling as a digital nomad or working remotely from home. Now we are in the covid19 paramedic situation so there is a huge opportunity for an online Spanish tutor.

If you are interested in this profession, here you will find a list of web portals as well as other resources where you can teach Spanish classes online.

How are the online Spanish classes?

Classes are generally offered via Skype or other similar alternatives. Some platforms have their own virtual classrooms where you have access to video calls, chat, a center to upload resources, etc.

If you want to know how to take the first steps, here are some tips to start teaching Spanish online.

Online Spanish teacher salary

As for the salary of an online Spanish teacher, it will vary depending on the number of classes and prices you put on them. For example, if you have 10 students and you offer two classes a week, that’s 20 classes a week and 80 classes a month. If the classes are at $15 you will get about € 1,200 per month. If the classes are at $ 20, you will earn about $ 1,600 per month. Nothing bad!

As you can see, it all depends on the number of classes, students, and the prices you set. The good thing is that you can teach everyone, not only people from your own city, but you can teach people from Australia, China, Dubai, France or the United States, so it will not be so difficult to have that number of students.

Remember that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and a language on the rise throughout the globe.

Platforms exist to teach Spanish online

Below you will find out which are the main platforms to teach Spanish online.


Verbling is an online platform for learning languages. The website offers the opportunity to join to work as a teacher and teach Spanish online.

With Verbling you set your own hourly rates and can withdraw your earnings at any time. It gives you the ability to work from home or anywhere else, offers flexibility by adjusting to your schedules, and offers the ability to work with a community of international students from all corners of the world.


Italki is one of the most popular platforms for learning or teaching languages ​​online. Besides being able to give Spanish classes online, you can also teach other languages. Like most platforms of this type, they connect students with teachers from all over the world.


Lingoda is another platform where you can teach Spanish online. It is an online language school that is constantly looking for teachers in various languages. Teachers and students from all over the world meet in the virtual classrooms of this platform.

To teach at Lingoda, you must have a teaching degree or certification. Have a passion for languages ​​and that you like teaching, those are the requirements.

Like the previous platform, it offers an adaptable work schedule, variable class load, you choose the number of hours per week you want to teach. Classes are usually taught in small groups of 5 students per class.


Preply is an online course platform. You can find courses of all kinds, from language courses to courses in other areas. The platform connects students and teachers from all over the world. A platform that basically works as an intermediary, something like Airbnb.


ClassGap is another platform where you can offer Spanish classes online, as well as other languages. As mentioned on their website, you can earn more than € 1,500 per month teaching languages ​​without leaving your home.

On this platform, you are the one who sets the prices and hours of work. They manage the payment to the students and transfer it comfortably to your bank account.