The materials that repair themselves are things that science fiction has shown us a long time. But today we are not very far from having them, in a commercial form. This is because in many laboratories around the world safe and are being tested. And today I want to comment on one of these materials.

It is a material that would allow the aircraft structure is repaired immediately, even when in flight. This material is being developed by researchers at the University of Bristol, located in the UK. And although so far its greatest potential is in aviation, it could be used in many other areas.

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The material, still without designated name similarity is repaired as does the human body. That is, like it heals. Containing microspheres, which house a kind of sealant. When an impact, which generates a crack, which itself can be generated by wear occurs bubbles are broken and the liquid acts as a sealant.

It is noteworthy that for a material of this type function, it is necessary that the liquid sealant is ultra fast drying. This ensures that even at high speeds, such as having a plane, the crack is sealed. This same technology could be applied to vehicles on land, and why not, to heavy machinery, very exposed to shocks.

Now, if for some reason the crack is very large and cannot seal properly, it would suffice to add a dye to the liquid sealant, so that it’s easy to detect any cracks, the size that is. And a person could quickly check an aircraft, analyzing whether the generated cracks are closed or not.